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Exclusive! Unboxing The Cleveland Smart Square Putter

Exclusive! Unboxing The Cleveland Smart Square Putter

During PutterZone’s insider’s tour of Cleveland Golf last spring, brand manager Adam Sheldon alluded to an upcoming new putter with an exciting new alignment feature, but mum was the word beyond that. Now the secret is out…and Cleveland Golf is telling golfers that it’s hip to be square.

In this exclusive unboxing feature, we have the hands-on scoop on the new Cleveland Smart Square putter, which places two squares where you’re used to seeing two balls.

According to Cleveland Golf, their bold proclamation that “two squares are better than two circles” (summed up by the pithy graphic pictured below) is backed up by research showing that players aligned the Smart Square 23 percent more accurately than “one of the most popular putters of all time,” which is a polite way of comparing it to the famed Odyssey 2-Ball.

In the words of Sheldon, “The Smart Square incorporates alignment technology that has proven to be the most advanced—and simplest—we’ve ever created.”

And therein lies the genius of the Smart Square: simplicity. No moving parts, nothing crazy…Just an “aha, I can’t believe I didn’t think of that” alignment scheme.

This alignment scheme is called Dual Axis Alignment. Like the 2-Ball, Dual Axis Alignment frames the golf ball for a clear visual path to the hole. But it adds another wrinkle—two perpendicular lines that help the golfer stay square to the target at address.

The Smart Square putter will come with heel- and center-shafted versions in standard lengths, as well as a 39-inch Almost Belly model with a heavier head and grip. The Smart Square features a copolymer face insert and a high-MOI design for enhanced stability.

The Smart Square putters will officially launch on November 15 for $139 (the Almost Belly mode will be $179). Stay tuned for PutterZone’s Cleveland Smart Square putter review. In the meantime, check out our unboxing gallery, and the official Cleveland Smart Square putter video below.

P.S. Some of the early reaction to the Smart Square putter has accused Cleveland Golf of “ripping off” the Odyssey 2-Ball putter. Well, there was a time when there was no such thing as a heel-toe weighted putter, a milled putter, an insert putter, a groove-faced putter, a white putter…By this standard, nearly every putter out there is a “rip off.” Cleveland Golf clearly acknowledges the 2-Ball in its Smart Square literature (but without belligerently calling out the 2-Ball out by name). If you thought that you had come up with a marked performance improvement upon a proven alignment concept, would you just sit on your hands…Or would you run with it? Cleveland ran with it, and good for them. 

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