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Insider Interview: Bputters

Insider Interview: Bputters

Italy is known as an epicenter of art and fashion, so when an emerging Italian putter designer tapped us on the shoulder, we were immediately intrigued. His name is Antonio Biagioli, who describes himself as “a regular guy with a background in economics, a supportive family and a great passion for golf.” His putter company is called Bputters, and he specializes in finely milled flatsticks with really cool names, not to mention some amazing-looking accessories such as leather utility pouches. In his words, “I could say I want my putters to become the best putters in the world, but I won’t. I’d just love to contribute to the progress of this incredible game, allowing many players to have more fun and make more birdies.” We recently caught up with Antonio to learn more. Following is our exclusive interview:

What sets Bputters apart in terms of aesthetics, construction and performance?
What makes a Bputters different aesthetically are the lines and finishes applied. Attention to detail and the continuous search for new solutions. The milling process steps are designed to allow maximum accuracy. Materials and quality accessories make each Bputter a one-of-a-kind. Performance is the result of extensive testing and multiple fitting options to give a soft and smooth roll to each model. The balance of the head is designed to give more distance control and allow a high percentage of putts on target.

Where did the name Bputters come from? How about the creative putter names like Panther and Space?
The name Bputters comes from my last name: Biagioli. I remember at the time, I was reflecting on what to call it while working on a logo representing an heraldic seahorse (the symbol of Cesena FC). It came into my mind, the idea to call it simply B, as my last name. The model names are not the result of a marketing analysis, but rather the evolution of my natural feeling testing each of one: the Hammer, because of its shape, crossed my mind while working on my parent’s house. The Space, because it calls to mind a spaceship; the Panther because its lines reminded me of the beauty, grace and sinuosity of a panther. Finally the coyote, inspired by a friend and a very talented artist who contributed to the logo creation process.

You wrote that you “got into putter making after a long and intense relationship with golf.” Can you tell us about your journey from golfer to putter designer?
I started to play golf during a business trip to Ireland. I still remember the smell of the grass and the crystal air of that afternoon. It was a small golf course in Dundalk, Ireland. It was love at first sight. Love has quickly turned into curiosity and then obsession. I’ve always been attracted by putters, because of their use, shape and intimacy to the player, so I concentrated on it. Over the years a back problem led me to spend less time playing, diverting my efforts to imagining the play of others. I started then designing the first models, and finally understand how to prototype them.

We don’t hear from many putter designers based in Italy—what is the putter and club making scene like there?
Golf in Italy is a relatively new mass phenomenon, although the tradition of the game is ancient. Club and putter-making is just at the beginning stages. This means that milling processes applied to putters are very complex and we’re learning by mistakes. But I’m confident that this experience in metalworking and the tradition of our country can be an element of great strength for the future sector development.

What’s next from Bputters?
We’re about to prototype a new model and new finishes both for carbon steel and 303 stainless steel. We’ll add necks on the Hammer model plus inserts of different materials on the Panther and Space models. Last but not least, we’ll continue experimenting new face mill patterns, like the recent Thunder model, milled for a customer in Singapore.

Thank you, Antonio! 

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  1. Dundalk is in the Irish Republic of Ireland, Not Northern Ireland.

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