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Versa Meets Marxman in New Odyssey Big T Putters

Versa Meets Marxman in New Odyssey Big T Putters

Odyssey Golf Company is set to unveil its latest line of putters under the banner of Odyssey Works Big T, starting with four different models to be released on June 12 at a suggested retail price of $179.

Simply put, the Big T takes merges two established Odyssey alignment systems: Versa and Marxman. The Marxman provides perpendicular alignment reference that spans the entire head of the putter, while the Versa offers contrasting black-white striping for added optical alignment precision. The Big T putters also feature the new Fusion RX insert. The four inaugural Big T head shapes are: #5, V-Line, V-Line CS, and a new head shape, Big T Blade.

The Odyssey Works Big T putters are also the latest Odyssey sticks to blur the lines between putter lines. Perhaps someday we will see the following putter: Odyssey Works 2-Ball Marxman Tank Pro Fang with the Fusion RX insert that combines White Hot and Metal-X technology!?

All kidding aside, you can’t say Odyssey is lacking ambition, as they always seem to be pushing hard and moving forward to the next iteration, and unafraid to dust off forgotten favorites (Marxman!) along the way.

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